'Sapce' Snake

Continuously upgrade and grow a snake-like spaceship that shoots backwards and explore in an enemy-infested world.

Platform - PC

Genre - Arcade Shooter

Price - Free to play

Art - Ashwin Kamath, Ata Dogan

Programming - Ashwin Kamath, Ata Dogan, Tianyao Liu, Gabriel Duarte



  • Create satellite assets/ Landmarks

  • Balance gameplay 

  • Content generation

Satellite Assets


Created an array of landmarks/satellites that would spawn a random satellite at a specified interval.

Some landmarks are green. You can trade the extensions you collected for a permanent ship upgrade. The amount of extensions required for an upgrade is displayed above the sprite.

Balance Gameplay


The difficulty spikes up as you move farther from the base/spawn point. Simple enemies only appear near the base whereas the player will encounter hideous and monstrous enemies as they venture out into the empty space. 

Content Generation


Assets randomly spawn in front of the player no matter which direction they are going in. Old assets are deleted once the player is far from them. Not all assets are spawned at the same time.

For example, 

Mines are spawned at every x seconds whereas the 3 types of collectibles are spawned at a,b and c seconds. There is slight variation in the spawn times of the 3 collectibles.