A vicious serial killer is on the loose and you have to stop him. You managed to sneak into his basement and must now piece together video evidence and report it to the police.


But be careful! If you render the videos in the wrong order 4 times, you will be caught by the killer.

Platform - PC

Genre - Point and Click

Price - Free to play

Art - Ashwin Kamath

Programming - Ashwin Kamath, Nikki Arezza, Gabriel Duarte



  • Art

  • Misc. interactions in the game

  • Random occurrences


Since the game takes place in a killer's basement, I wanted the area to look messy and like it was not maintained well. I researched a couple of abandoned basements from the late 1990s/ early 2000s and came up with the scene (pictured above)

For this project, I experimented with Unity's new HD Render Pipeline feature. All textures and materials were upgraded to be compatible with this feature and it helped bring the scene to life.

Misc. interactions in the game

In the first couple of playtest sessions, testers complained that they didn't know what to do. I added a page providing a backstory and an overview of the objective after the tester clicked the "play" button on the main menu.


A note was added next to the monitor providing instructions to play the game. This included information about the drag and drop system and the lose condition.

Random occurrences

At random points in the game, you can hear footsteps above you in 3D space adding tension to the gameplay.

Since this is a horror game, lights play a main role in defining the experience. During gameplay, there is a moment where all lights get turned off for a certain period of time, enhancing the feeling of fear and unpredictability. Players have to work in the dark and tape labels won't be visible, thus making the experience truly frightening.

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